Frequently Asked Questions 


 Q. Is it really permanent?
 A. While this procedure is long lasting, some may need touch-ups after a few years.

 Q. Does it hurt?
 A. Some people usually experience a little discomfort described as a slight stinging sensation. An anesthetic  cream is used to numb the area during the procedure.

 Q. How many sessions are needed?
 A. One application is initially applied to achieve desired look, however a second application may be  necesary with in 1 to 2 years for a more permanent result .

 Q. What should I expect immediately afterward?
 A. Eyelids will appear slightly puffy for 1 to 2 days; lips will swell a bit, with peeling 3 to 4 days later;  eyebrows will appear darker for 4 to 5 days, then soften. Applying an icepack to the area should  significantly reduce puffiness.

 Q. Is the procedure safe?
 A. As with any micro pigmentation procedure dermal disorder can occur. However, provided the client follows the post-treatment instructions, this result is unlikely. Further, the equipment used is very sophisticated and  continually updated, and all instruments are disposable.

 Q. Why Karyn Smith?
 A. While Karyn is both able and happy to suggest shapes, styles, and colors, unlike many beauty  professionals, Karyn does not impose her personal preferences on her clients. She meets with each person  individually, and together decide upon the look to best suit the skin-type, facial structure, and most  importantly, personal desire of the client. During this consultative meeting, Karyn will detail for you the  application process, show you before-and-after pictures, and on occasion, introduce you to actual clients  upon whom she has worked.

 Expertly skilled in both hand and machine methods, Karyn performs a variety of application techniques. Let Karyn show you how this art form can both simplify and enhance your life.